Thursday, February 25, 2021

Natural Solutions for you, your family and your pets!


Purest Fresh Water source of Diatomaceous Earth one the highest source of Silica! We also carry Dr. Willard Water too!

Nature's Gaia is Located in the beautiful Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, Canada and carries Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth WILLARD WATER for your pets!

Those interested in Diatomaceous Earth, Dr. Willard Water! Check out our "Retailer" page for a retailer near you (by Province) British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

We are working to serve you better and are expanding to stores near you! Our Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Flour) now is approved, through lab testing, by Health Canada and has its Natural Product Number (NPN). It is an amazing product that is known to bring your body back to "homeostasis" it is "loaded" with Silica (89 - 92%) which strengthens bones, improves skin and overall health!

Our Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is from fresh water and these "Fresh water deposits are so pure that the Food and Drug Administration has given it a "food-grade" designation, thereby making it 100% safe for human consumption.


Animals! A feed additive for livestock, birds and pets(adds 15 trace minerals to the system, reduces odours, removes harmful bacteria from the upper intestinal tract, reduces fly hatch, and has been found to reduce animals from licking dirt and chewing fence posts,and can be used as a soil conditioner). Can perserve grain by providing "anti-caking"!

Contains the important mineral Silica that can be a great bone benefit to you and your animal's lives! Learn more

 Safe for your environment...This is a 100% natural solution !

Product Prices. We encourage you to inform our company of your local natural stores near you! We are BC's WHOLESALER�to Retailers across BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, so if you have a retailer near you and they aren't already listed with us...and you want them to carry Diatomaceous Earth let them know about us! Or contact us!

We are open and available for calls from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm - Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 11 am and Email us ANYTIME!

Please leave a message as your call is important to us! We are "old school" and want to meet our customers so every sale is personable and important. Retail Case lots available!We do not offer shop-on-line as we are a wholesale company that does sell to customers where our products are unavailable.

 Diatomaceous Earth is not sold for any other purposes other those recommended and outlined on our label. All other uses and/or applications are personal decisions and are not the responsibility of Nature's Gaia or our retailers.