Saturday, January 16, 2021

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 Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth also known as Fossil Shell Flour

What is Diatomaceous Earth? Check out a video on Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous Earth is referred to by Dr. Hulda Clark

How does Diatomaceous Earth work?  Well diatomacoues earth is made of a diatoms (one-celled plants that collected minerals from the water to form a shell around it as it fossilized). 

Did you know that all the waters of the Earth are inhabited by billions of Diatoms?  These Diatoms are so small that one drop of water could contain hundreds.  These tiny plants are the food supply for the higher forms of life in all the oceans and lakes around the world.  Diatoms (Melosira Preiclandica) take the minerals from the water and build themselves a protective shell or skeleton.  As they die, these shells sift to the bottom of the lake or ocean and over many eons build up large deposits that fossilize into chalk-like material.  These deposits are called diatomaceous earth (DE) and man has discovered over 1500 uses for the material, which contains between 89-92% Silicon dioxide.

When we were young, our tissues soaked up and maintained high levels of Silica- allowing our bodies to stay flexible, resilient, and energetic.  Unfortunately, as we get older, our Silica levels steadily drop.  Also, attributing to decreased levels, is the lack of silica in our once plentiful soil.  Our soil is now depleted due to industrialized farming and lack of crop rotation. If you would like to read more about our food and how the average meal gets to our plates read "The Omnivores Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. 

Foods that once contained plenty of silica, such as alfalfa sprouts, beets, brown rice, root vegetables to name a few, no longer contain the amounts we need to maintain a healthy immune system.  In fact, it has been suggested that silica supplementation may be a critical factor in helping us maintain a healthier, more youthful, and pain-free body.  In addition, it may reduce the body's natural recovery time.  Research shows that without sufficient silica, the body cannot sustain optimum skin elasticity, strong hair, strong bones, nails teeth and gums.  Silica enriches the strength and functioning of connective tissue and it is through connective tissue that nutrients are absorbed and wastes are expelled. When silica is in present in the tissues in ideal amounts, these developments happen effectively, so the tone of the tissues will be improved, with greater vitality and less toxins. Your skin will be better hydrated (as long as you are drinking plenty of clean water), your hair will have more luster and your nails will be stronger.

It is important to make sure what kind of silica you choose. It comes in many forms and from many sources. A lot of the silica supplements that are on the market today come in tablet form and are not easily absorbed by the body. It is necessary to secure a form that starts with highly purified mineral silica, is pH neutral and easily absorbed by the body.  This is what Diatomaceous Earth is and does!

The typical human body holds roughly seven grams of silica, a quantity far exceeding the numbers for other key minerals such as iron.  Both iron and silica are body essential, meaning they are necessary for carrying our ongoing metabolic processes that are vital to life.  Both elements must be continuously supplied.  With silica, strength and life, which often vanish as the years accumulate, can be naturally sustained or even restored to your body, bones and skin.

Osteoporosis is an indicator of the aging process. As the calcium in our body structure leeches, our bones become brittle and weak. Using only a calcium supplement cannot remedy or stop this threatening and crippling disease because the body cannot absorb and make use of the calcium without the presence of Silica. Some data suggests that supplemental mineral calcium speeds up the leeching away of bone calcium and thus accelerates the degenerative process of osteoporosis and similar diseases that affect the connective tissues in the human body.

In the case of osteoporosis, Silica can alleviate the pain and may restore the body’s self repair process. Osteoporosis indicators attack women primarily after menopause, but the deterioration process starts much earlier in their younger days. Countless women are dying of fractures caused by osteoporosis compared with cancer of the breast, cervix and uterus combined.

Recommended Doseage: Start with 282 miligrams (contains 250mg  Silica) per day (approximately 1/4 tsp) and then increase up to three times per day. Mix with water/juice/smoothie.  Use on an empty stomach as it does its best work!!