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Nature's Gaia:
Our mission is to bring natural products to you and your family (whether they are four-legged or two). We want to aid everyone and their animals to better health and immunity! 

Today we ingest or absorb chemicals in our food, air and cosmetics (to name a few sources).  The direct link of these chemicals to the weakening of our immune systems has made us vulnerable to the many types of flues, viruses and diseases.  

We want to offer a natural wonder with many known benefits Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.  Your animals too!  Please visit http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/petvacc.htm for information on the dangers of vaccinating your pet.  We are not relaying that you should not vaccinate your animals, only that you should be informed about the vaccinations that you are giving your animals and what constitutes these vaccines.

We offer an all natural product and would like to hear your suggestions of what products you may be looking for! We are 100% behind better nutritional welfare for you and your animals! 

Our family all use these products, including our animal family of 13. 
We don't believe in applying/ingesting/spraying chemicals on/in ourselves, animals or our environment.  Although, we do not give medical/veterinarian advice, we will try to help with your and your animals' health concerns. 

Thank you for visiting!