Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Natural Solutions for you, your family and your pets!



                          1. 1 Kilogram bucket                              IMG_0996.JPG  

These sizes are all available in Pet doseage (animal) labelling  and human doseage labelling (Please stipulate at time of order)                                                                        

 1.   - 1 Kilogram pail with handle (British Columbia and Alberta) $29.99 (includes shipping, please add GST)

2.   - 200 Vegetable Capsules: Price Including Shipping is $37.99 (Includes shipping in British Columbia and Alberta, Please add GST) Pictured first above (left)

3.   - 2 Kilogram pail with handle $39.99 (British Columbia and Alberta, includes shipping please add GST)

4. -   5 Kilogram bucket with handle $69.99 (British Columbia and Alberta, includes shipping please add GST)

Perma-Guard Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth OMRI Listed and Codex Grade

ALSO available in 50lb Bags for your livestock needs!! buy multiples and get a discount for each additional bag you purchase!

WE ARE KEEPING OUR PRICING DOWN SO WE PROCESS ALL ORDERS VIA TELEPHONE or EMAIL!  Please call 250-212-6648 We accept Visa, Mastercard, online transfers!                  

   WE are a wholesale and retail company.  Please consult your local health or Holistic (pet) or human health store to carry our product or order with us if they do not carry our products!

     Also, check out our "Retailer's" page for a store that carries our diatomaceous earth or Willard Water near you!                                       

** Retailers!! Just call or email for our wholesale catalogue!***

  recycle.jpg   ***We whole-heartedly believe in recycling so all shipping uses clean recycled boxes***    Check out the benefits of Recycling at